The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 4 (Part 4)

In this reading of the Fabric of the Cosmos, we first learn of the results of Bell’s experiment.  Instead of the results being five-ninths which would have proved that the particles had a pre-determined spin, the results were almost exactly fifty percent, proving that the spin on the particles were actually random.  I find it easier to agree with Einstein’s idea of having some unknown factor and that the particles do have predetermined spin, but Bell’s experiment proves that the particles do have random spin.  Another question that I have about the quantum view is how can just observing one particle affect another?  I understand that two particles can have opposite spins, but how can the observation of one f those particles change another?   The book gives no explanation, saying that after 70 years, we still have no explanation as to why the observation of one particle can affect another.  The whole idea of entanglement of particles throughout space opens the door to plenty of opportunities if we can fully understand it.  For example, could instant transportation or time travel be possible through entanglement? Perhaps.


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