The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 4 (Part 3)

In this reading of the Fabric of the Cosmos, the question relating to whether or not the uncertainty principle also relates to reality is asked.  It does not make much sense to me that the uncertainty principle could relate to, for example, the speed of a baseball.  The book later on explains this by saying that while particle qualities are not definite, relationships between particles can be definite.  After this explanation of the uncertainty principle in reality, I am even more confused about the uncertainty principle.  It just does not logically make sense to me.  Later in the chapter, John Bell is introduced.  He said that if there are more than two qualities that fall under the uncertainty principle, then none of those qualities can be definitively known.  The hidden variables in the uncertainty principle enable me to understand the uncertainty principle better.  It makes sense that something new still needs to be learned in this whole idea of uncertainty.


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