The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 4 (Part 2)

In this reading, I learned that it is impossible to pinpoint the location of even a single particle in the universe.  This concept is because all particles in the universe have wave like qualities.  While we can not ever pinpoint the exact location of a particle, we can mathematically predict the location at which that particle will be.  I think it is very interesting that we can never know the location of a particle.  According to Einstein, a particle does not ever have a definitive location.  I also find this interesting because even though we do not know the location a particle is at, I would still think the particle has a location.  Another important concept in this reading involves the uncertainty principle.  The uncertainty principle says that if we know some quality about a particle, we can not know another similar particle of that same particle.  While this explanation explains why we can not pinpoint a particle, it just does not logically make sense to me.


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