The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 11

In Chapter eleven of The Fabric of the Cosmos, the question, “How did galaxies form as a result of a completely uniform universe?” is answered.  The book says that although our universe was uniform in the beginning of time, it was not completely and perfectly uniform.  There was a tiny lumpiness that eventually grew larger and became the galaxies that we observe today.  Buy why was there this tiny lumpiness before our galaxies were formed?  The book attributes these tiny lumps in our early universe as being a result of quantum mechanics.  The idea idea of uncertainty that comes along with quantum mechanics is what caused these disturbances, or as the book calls them, “jitters.”  These jitters are still present and are constantly occurring in today’s galaxy.  The book says that these minor jitters that occur in our galaxy could perhaps even result in other universes being created and give substance to the theory of parallel universes.  I think that these jitters give the idea of parallel universes some substance and make this theory of parallel universe more believable.


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