The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 10

In chapter ten of The Fabric of the Cosmos, the idea of inflation is first presented by Greene to the readers. He first explains the idea of inflation by comparing it to a frog perched on top of a plateau in a bowl. Just like he universe, the frog will quickly move away from the plateau and towards the bottom of the bowl. In comparison to the universe, the bottom of the bowl is equivalent to a lower energy state of the universe. The universe will naturally progress towards a state of less energy compared to the state that our universe was in before the Big Bang.
In an incredibly small amount of time the universe expanded from the size of a strand of DNA to the size of the Milky Way galaxy. The extreme increase in the expansion of pace was the exact moment that happened after the Big Bang. After the initial outburst, the expansion of space has slowed down to a more steady pace. Will the end of the universe be a reverse of the Big Bang? This section suggests that that could potentially be true, but I later in the book I learned that this is not true. What I later found out, extraordinarily, is that the universe is actually speeding up in its expansion.


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