The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 8

This section of The Fabric of the Cosmos dealt with the symmetry of space.  The section calls everything that has existed in space since the big Bang symmetric.  This symmetry is so common throughout our universe because symmetry is just a part of time.  The book compares the symmetry of space to looking at a snowflake or other object from different angles.  The snowflake would look the same for many of the angles that one looked an the snowflake, but not all the ways you look at the snowflake.  The question becomes, when relating this theory to our universe, in which ways that we look is are universe symmetric compared to not symmetric?  One of the ways that our universe is not completely symmetric is time.  As the time moves forward in the universe, things change.  If the universe were completely symmetric time would not even exist because there would be no way of recognizing that time is passing.  Basically everything would be the same forever.


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