The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 8 (Part 3)

The third section of chapter eight of The Fabric of the Cosmos deals with the relationship between space-time and the symmetry of the universe.  When a person looks at something in the universe, he is looking through both space and time.  because this observer is looking into the past, one would assume that we could look back far enough so that we could observe the Big Bang.  This is not the case, in the books diagram, the closer we get to the Big Bang, the fuzzier the observation becomes.  On the assumption that both space-time exists and the inflation of the universe originated at the Big Bang we can learn more about what actually did happen in the first moments of the universe.  The universe must have exponentially expanded in the exact moment that the Big Bang occurred. The book says that instead of the Big Bang happening at one location, it must have happened everywhere.  This concept is difficult for me to wrap my mind around because I would have thought that the Big Bang originated at a single point.  However, this new thought that the Big Bang happened everywhere in the universe at once ames much more sense when completely thought through.  This thought agrees with the inflation that we learned about in this chapter and also agrees with the current model of space-time that we have.


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