The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 8 (Part 2)

This second part of chapter eight in The Fabric of the Cosmos deals with the stretching of space.  We know that the universe has been expanding ever since the Big Bang.  When observing the universe and the speeds at which things are moving away from earth, it appears that the earth was the region from which the Big Bang started.  The book explains this view by saying that the universe is stretching.  Earth is not actually the point from which the Big Bang started, rather because of the way in which the universe is stretching, the universe appears to be expanding away from one’s point wherever that person is in the universe.  The book compared this stretching mddl of the universe to an expanding balloon with pennies on it.  This stretching of the universe further develops my concept of the symmetry of the universe.  The universe seems more likely to be symmetric in this expanding model, with time being the only asymmetric part of the universe.


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