The Fabric of the Cosmos Ch. 7 (Part 3)

In this most recent section of The Fabric of the Cosmos, an important question that I had been wondering about was brought up in the beginning of the chapter: “In fact, does wave function collapse really happen, and, if it does, what really goes on at the microscopic level?”  The book describes this problem as  the quantum measurement problem.  The first explanation given by the chapter deals with Bohr saying that we are looking too far into the issue and that quantum mechanics is much more shallow than we anticipate.  This resolution does not satisfy me because it seems like there truly is something underlying quantum physics.  The next explanation says that there is never actually a wave.  Instead, the different possibilities of the particles are expressed in parallel universes.  this resolution does not satisfy me because wouldn’t there have to be an infinite amount of parallel universes to satisfy the particles that make up a wave?   The final explanation, and one that makes the most sense, says that there is an uncertainty principle.  Simply, we can not know both things at once.


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