Does the Universe Exist if We’re Not Looking

I thought that this worksheet really brought a new aspect to the experiments we have been studying in The Fabric of the Cosmos recently.  In class we asked the question: Does a particle change the past when going through these experiments?”  The other option that could potentially be happening is that the particle knows the future.  Either way, the long range experiment with observing the quasar on earth enhances these potentially true aspect of a particle.  In the experiments we have been studying, if the particle did change the past, it would have only changed milliseconds of the past.  However, in this hypothetical observance of a distant quasar, the time that the particle would effect would be light years.  This makes me wonder how much quantum physics affects space when we observe it.  When we look at something in space, could it potentially change the way space is formed in the future? Potentially.


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