The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 7

After our break in The Fabric of the Cosmos for Planetary, we returned to the book learning about an experiment which proves the affect of observation on a particle.  The experiment involves a particle shooter which directs individual protons toward a particle deflector, which deflects the particle either one way or another.  There is a particle detector on one of the two paths that the particle can take.  Then the particles hit a mirror and are reflected toward a device that detects many of the photons’ location.  The result of the experiment proved a key concept of quantum physics: the observance of a particle.  When the “which-path” detector was turned on,  a single line appeared on the screen but when the process was repeated in the same manner, an interference pattern appeared on the screen.  This results bring many important questions to the table.  For example: Does observing a particle change the past? Or does the particle somehow know the future and that it will be observed?


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