Planetary Book 1 Part 3

In the final chapters of the first planetary comic book, several physics concepts that invoke thought were brought to the table.  The sorts of conspiracies and concealed ideas throughout the comic book have been an important bit that i wanted to expand upon.  I think that even today these types of theories flourish.  Whether it is with government covering up things like aliens or classified weapons, the public remains skeptical of the government.  Although this is less physics related, it is another important detail which I think can be compared to the world we live in today.  The final idea I want to cover within the first planetary book is William Leather, the superhuman that Snow gets into a fight with towards the end of the book.  He seems to have figured out the whole idea of the snowflake and has somehow utilized that power to make hi superhuman.  Could a human somehow utilize a power like this in tray’s world?  I think it would be very unlikely, but nevertheless it is still something to ponder over.


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