Planetary Book 1 Part 1

In my introduction to the Planetary comic series, I was surprised to find the incorporations with physics throughout the first two chapters.  Before being introduced to the comic books, I was skeptical about the amount of physics topics that would be involved in the text.  In the first two chapters of the book, we are introduced to the main characters of the book: Jakita, Snow, and Drummer.  The way planetary incorporates physics into its content is not standard.  The comic delivers the physics topics to the reader in a different manner than a textbook would.  The physic ideas are in the storylines of each chapter.  The most relevant physics topic to our class had to be the concept of the snowflake.  Comparing the snowflake to the universe can be a good parallel.  The dimensions involved in the snowflake may somewhat reflect the dimensions of the universe in the reality of today’s world.


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