The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 6 (Part 3)

In this reading of The Fabric of the Cosmos, Greene goes even deeper into the concept of entropy.  He starts off the chapter by giving an example of an ice cube meting to explain entropy.  If you watched an ice cube melt, you would know that it began as a fully formed cube and slowly melted and transformed into water over time.  Entropy would say that as sure that you are that the cube was fully formed in the past, it was actually less formed because of entropy in the past and future.  When I think about entropy in terms of the universe, disorder will be more likely in the future and the past of any given moment.  The conclusion that the book came to is that the universe was in the ultimate low entropy state before the big bang and moves toward higher entropy in the future.  This concept makes more sense to me, but does not agree with the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


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