The Fabric of the Cosmos CH 6 (Part 2)

In this reading of the fabric of the Cosmos, Entropy is introduced.  High entropy is defined as something that can happen in many different ways while low entropy is the opposite.  But how does this relate to our physics class?    The answer is that it is involved in the arrow of time and the second law of thermodynamics.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that physical systems tend to evolve towards a state of higher entropy.  This can be involved in time because as we move into the future, there is higher entropy throughout the universe.  Because of time reversal symmetry, the Second Law of Thermodynamics can also be applied to the past.  Therefore, now is always the moment of least entropy.  This is a weird thought and one that is not easily comprehended.  Something I wonder about the movement of entropy in time is what the higher number of possibilities is moving towards.


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