Stephen Hawking

The movie we watched in class about Stephen Hawking was taught me about Stephen Hawking’s life and also some important concepts of physics.  For example, I found the segment on black holes to be very interesting.  Hawking contributed greatly to what has now become the  accepted theory on black holes today.  Everything that was involved in the black hole segment was very interesting. For example I thought it was very interesting about how something as massive as a star can condense into a point with zero mass.  I also like the part where the guy explained what would happen if a person traveled into a black hole. I did not realize that it would take two weeks for someone to fall completely into a black hole.  It is very interesting to think about what an astronaut would experience while falling into a black hole.  Time would speed up and the person would be able to see into the future and what is still to come in our galaxy before being torn to shreds by the black hole.


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