CH 1 Fabric of the Cosmos

In the first chapter of The Fabric of the Cosmos, we are introduced to the important question that will likely reappear throughout the book: Can physics convince you that your life is worth living?  I think that asking this question is likely taking physics too far but could prove the value of physics in the world we live in today.  Besides the question regarding the significance of physics in the opening couple pages of the book, another important concept that this chapter focused on was the relationship between space and time.  I feel that the relationship between space and time is a very intriguing physics topic for multiple reasons.  First of all, just the thought of somehow being able to transform time into the future is difficult for me to wrap my mind around.  Secondly, although there are accepted theories about space time, we really do not completely understand the concept today.  I think the fact that space time is not completely understood today makes this topic extremely relevant and important in a “Modern Physics Topics” class.


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